IRON SAGA Acid BlackJack DWS-A (Parallel Retrofit/Kai 2) Gameplay ブラックジャック平行アシッ改 黑傑克酸版 アイアンサーガ 機動戰隊

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0:00 Intro Seal!
0:05 Black Jack DWS A (Kai 2)
1:25 BlackJack DW-A (Kai 1)
2:36 Ehe~❤️ Big Seal Pillow~

Thanks for watching the showcase, gameplay, and a moveset of the new parallel kai 2 of Black Jack DWS-A! Like the video if you liked it! It is recorded in my account on the CN Iron Saga IOS (Apple iPhone) server! HD(1080p) version of the video might still be rendering! BJ 黑杰克DWSA 平行超改造2 + 1

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